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Computed Radiography CR

Agfa Computed Radiography CR Digital Scanner Range


CR 10-x

The affordable, compact CR 10-X digitizer is designed as an ideal solution for small practices, offering a cost-effective entry into digital radiography without compromising on image quality.


Affordable computed radiography

Convenient and fast workflow

Robust yet easy to install and maintain

Fits in small spaces and is suited for mobile applications

Networking capabilities deliver seamless integration

The CR 10-x reads imaging plates at the high resolution of 10 pixels/mm




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CR 10-x Digitizer

CR 30-x

The Agfa CR 30-x is a tabletop digitizer that offers excellent radiology. The CR 30-x is a highly versatile yet affordable high quality digitizer. In combination with NXTM and MUSICATM, the CR 30-x offers an ideal solution for any practice CR imaging environment including general radiology, veterinary, chiropractic and dental applications.


The CR 30-x combines tabletop convenience with excellent image quality due to a spatial resolution of 10 pixels/mm for all image plate sizes.

Excellent detail visualization

Tabletop convenience

Broad range of applications

Low cost of ownership

Mobile mounting capable





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CR 30-x Digitizer

For more information, click the 'Agfa Data Sheets' to download the PDFs

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