radtec2010 x-ray engineer services

X-ray engineer services

Annual or Biannual Equipment Inspection & Service


Radtec2010 provides a comprehensive service to Veterinary, Chiropractic and Dental professionals. The products on offer range from the supply of new equipment and installation through to annual or biannual inspections of x-ray equipment.


Whether it is servicing, inspections or PMVs (Preventative Maintenance Visits), all are carried out in accordance with Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR99). Whatever level of service is chosen, it will automatically include thorough electrical and mechanical safety tests in addition to the main x-ray equipment testing undertaken on site.


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Inspection & Service Report for X-ray Unit


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Inspection & Service Report for Processor


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Inspection & Service Report for Agfa


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Inspection & Service Report for iCRco


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Repair & Remedial Report for Equipment


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Install & Commission Report for Equipment


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